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PetPass Animal RFID Reader

The PetPass Animal RFID Reader is based on the MultiPass Universal RFID Reader [1]. Its hardware design is exactly the same, with only changes to the firmware.

PetPass is a handheld RFID reader which can be used to detect and decode the FDX-B RFID tags normally implanted into necks of pets (normally dogs and cats) as a form of identification.

PetPass is intended to be used as a portable handheld device, which is different from the indented use of the Multipass which intention is based more on a type of generic/universal RFID reader for access control.

PetPass – Prototype 1 shown below was still constructed using vero-board, a pcb design will be used in future revisions of the board.

PetPass -Prototype1 [2]
PetPass animal RFID reader -Prototype1



The enclosure for the device is selected based on the following criteria:



Below is a video demonstrating the use of the PetPass – Prototype 1 reading an FDX-B chip.

Demo board and coil

PetPass Demo PCB Board [4]
PetPass Demo PCB Board
Demo Coil [5]
Demo Coil


Source Code

The source code which is part of the design/manufacture packages can be purchased from Gizmoshop [6]

This source code or circuit or any parts of it is not allowed to be used in any form of commercial application without written permission from the author.